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Samantha Banda, LMSW

Bilingual Clinician

Samantha chose TCLH because of its values to prioritize children’s wellbeing. Samantha knows TCLH clinicians meet children where they are. This means, clinicians listen and understand the needs of children and adjust treatments to their needs. Samantha is interested in helping grow the strengths clients already have. Samantha received a BA in psychology and criminology. Samantha earned her Master of Social Work at NMSU. With Samantha’s educational background, she understands the complexities of adapting to changes such as jobs, school, families, diagnosis, poverty, culture and trauma and how they relate to each person. As a clinician she can help children and adults navigate life changes and understand their own thoughts and behaviors in a way that supports them. Samantha enjoys learning and is always open to being taught something new by her clients.  

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