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Terry Alvarez

Community Support Worker - Bilingual

Terry, a dedicated Community Support Worker at The Community Lighthouse (TCL), embodies a profound commitment to serving and uplifting the Albuquerque community. With a passion for empowering individuals, she fervently strives to support those around her.

Terry's educational journey includes studies at ENMU and a rich life experience, shaping a unique perspective on helping others. Throughout her career, Terry has adhered to a fundamental rule: to assist those in need, fostering positive change in their lives.

As a lifelong resident of New Mexico, Terry embraces and appreciates the state's vibrant diversity, recognizing it as a cornerstone of its beauty. Her love for learning and zest for life extend beyond the workplace, with a cherished canine companion named Arlo, her spoiled fur baby. Family and friends hold a special place in Terry's heart, and she relishes spending quality time with loved ones.

Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to TCL, Terry is excited to share not only existing knowledge but also eagerly anticipates the continuous learning and growth that lie ahead. In Terry, TCL gains a compassionate professional poised to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

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