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Matthew Loe  

Medical Biller

Meet Matt, our diligent Biller at The Community Lighthouse. His commitment to empowering families and children aligns with our mission of healing trauma for future generations.

Matt believes in everyone's need for a strong start in life, seeing TCL as a crucial stepping stone to equip children and families with the tools for happy, productive lives. Being part of this team brings him immense fulfillment as improving mental health is vital for a thriving community.


With an educational background from Moorpark College, CA, and completion of an accounting certification at Levy School in Torrance, CA, Matt brings a wealth of financial expertise to our team.


Originally from Ventura County, California, Matt, along with his three children, embraces the outdoors. They find joy in hiking, sledding, bicycling, and any activities that connect them with nature.


At The Community Lighthouse, Matt embodies our culture of showing up with our best selves, ensuring that the financial aspects are managed efficiently so that our patients can focus on finding their best selves.


Matt's dedication echoes our vision of healing the world, one child at a time, contributing to a happier and healthier community through his crucial role in our team.

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