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Brenda Tanguma, MSP, LMHC 


Brenda comes from a background of corrections and adults and the opportunity of working with kids is refreshing and exciting. Brenda is looking forward to learning a new model to provide therapy and is excited to be here. Brenda studied psychology and is currently studying for a masters in counseling psychology at the University of Phoenix. Brenda is a Texas native, but grew up in Roswell, NM before relocating to Albuquerque for more opportunities. Brenda spent 6 years in Italy with her military husband and came back home to NM after to start her own career the state she loves. Brenda is a mother to four amazing kids! Brenda has three dogs, Luna and Atlas our Cane Corsos, and Nova is our German Sheppard husky mix. They also have 4 cats, Kale, Kiki, Stella, and Pesto.

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