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Jennifer Walsh

Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer joined TCL in 2017 as an Administrative Assistant and her drive for continuous personal development has been demonstrated throughout her tenure at TCL. As the Human Resources Manager, Jennifer's dedication to mental health, her analytical skills, and nurturing nature are utilized to support our diverse TCL team. One of her biggest accomplishments has been building a culture of open communication and flexibility within the HR department; encouraging our team to feel comfortable bringing their needs forward. In addition to this role, Jennifer manages the Admin and Finance department where her degree in Healthcare Administration and focus on people-centered solutions has helped shape many processes and policies. She is honored to manage a team that has a direct impact on the positive experience TCL strives to provide to our community. Jenn hails from Bucks County, PA. Prior to moving to Albuquerque in 2015, she and her husband of 30+ years, along with their 3 children, resided in Las Vegas, NV. After spending over a decade there in the Mojave Desert, she now appreciates thunderstorms and snowflakes! Things that make Jenn happy are furry friends, fast cars, music, and leisurely weekends.

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