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Janae Marie Matai, LMSW


Janae Marie Matai is a dedicated therapist at The Community Lighthouse, known for her passion for play therapy and her commitment to the well-being of children and families. Janae's journey to TCL was influenced by her positive experiences working with the organization through CYFD, and she appreciates the ongoing training opportunities that allow her to hone her therapeutic skills.


Originally from Michigan, Janae pursued her higher education at New Mexico Highlands University, where she deepened her understanding and skills in the mental health field. Her decision to enter this profession was driven by a lifelong desire to be in a helping field, inspired by the many therapists she met during her studies.


Beyond her professional life, Janae is deeply family-oriented, enjoying time with her son, stepdaughter, and their four dogs. She is an enthusiastic supporter of her children's sporting events, which she attends regularly, adding a lively dimension to her personal life.


At The Community Lighthouse, Janae’s expertise in play therapy is invaluable. She brings a warm, engaging approach to her sessions, helping her clients navigate their challenges in a supportive and creative environment. Her work significantly contributes to our mission of empowering families and professionals to heal trauma for generations to come.

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