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Diane White

Community Support Worker

Diane White is a committed Community Support Worker at The Community Lighthouse, where her passion for making a difference in people’s lives shines through in her daily interactions with clients. Diane finds her work in the behavioral health field both rewarding and satisfying, fueling her dedication to empowering those she serves.

Diane's educational background includes studies at New Mexico Highlands and the University of West Florida, equipping her with a diverse and comprehensive understanding of mental health support. Originally from Albany, Georgia, Diane brings a blend of southern warmth and open-minded curiosity to her role, enhancing her ability to connect with and support a diverse clientele.

In her personal life, Diane is an avid animal lover, sharing her home with three dogs and four cats, reflecting her nurturing spirit. Her history as a competitive horse rider adds a unique dimension to her character, showcasing her determination and discipline.

Always easy-going, Diane enjoys meeting new people and embracing new experiences, traits that greatly enhance her effectiveness as a community support worker. At The Community Lighthouse, Diane's approach aligns perfectly with our values of building healthy relationships and staying curious, contributing significantly to our mission of empowering families, children, and professionals to heal trauma for generations to come.

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