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Father and Son Playing

Child Therapy

Welcome to our page about Child Therapy. We get that every child deals with their emotions differently, and for many, playing is a helpful way to handle them. Experiential Play Therapy is meant to support kids who are going through tough feelings.
What's Experiential Play Therapy?

Experiential Play Therapy is a method we use at The Community Lighthouse to help kids express and deal with their feelings. We know that sometimes it's hard to talk about how you feel, so we use things like toys, art stuff, and sand to let kids show us how they're feeling in a way that's comfortable for them.

Why Experiential Play Therapy is Helpful:
  • Letting Out Emotions: Play gives kids a safe way to show how they're feeling, even if the feelings are hard to explain.

  • Dealing with Tough Stuff: Through play, kids can work through tough things that happened and start feeling better.

  • Learning Skills: Play therapy teaches kids useful ways to handle problems and become better at solving them, even outside of the therapy room.

  • Connecting with Others: Playing with our therapists helps kids trust them more, and that makes them feel safe.

  • Feeling Stronger: Playtime helps kids feel like they have control over their feelings and can manage them better.

  • Getting Better at Being Social: Playing together helps kids practice talking and sharing, which is useful in real life.

Parents, You're Involved Too:

At The Community Lighthouse, we believe that working together is important. After each play session, we make time to talk with parents or caregivers about how things are going. This way, parents are part of the progress too.

Support and Help for Parents:

We know that being a parent can be tough, especially when your child needs extra support. That's why we're here not just for kids, but also for parents. Our therapists work with parents to help them understand how their child is doing, offer good ways to talk with their child, and give them ideas to make their home a helpful and caring place.

Experiential Play Therapy at The Community Lighthouse is like a door that opens up ways for kids to express their feelings and handle challenges better. We're here to walk this journey with your child, and we're here to support you, the parent, all along the way. If you have questions or want to start this journey, feel free to reach out to us.

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