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Natalee Langford

Community Support Worker

Natalee Langford is an enthusiastic Community Support Worker at The Community Lighthouse, where her passion for helping others and her ability to connect with youth make her a vital part of our team. Natalee's commitment to our mission of empowering those in need to create positive generational changes reflects her deep engagement with community values, which she developed growing up in San Marcos, Texas—affectionately known as "San Marvelous."


Educated at Texas State University in San Marcos, Natalee brings a playful yet purposeful approach to her work, particularly in her interactions with children facing significant life challenges. Her natural ability to relate to and guide young people through their healing journeys is a testament to her skills and dedication.


Beyond her professional life, Natalee's vibrant personality shines through her diverse interests. A proud member of the Beyhive, having seen Beyoncé perform live five times, she is also a dedicated 49ers fan and a self-identified comedian. Natalee enjoys spending time with her dog, Louie, indulging in arts and crafts, exploring museums, and continuously learning new things.


At The Community Lighthouse, Natalee exemplifies our values of play, guiding children toward healing and wellness, and building healthy relationships. Her presence enriches our community, contributing significantly to our mission of empowering families, children, and professionals to heal trauma for generations to come, and helping us move closer to our vision of healing the world, one child at a time.

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