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Vera L. Molina

Therapist, LMHC

Vera is a cherished member of our team at The Community Lighthouse, where she leverages her extensive experience in mental health to enrich the lives of those in our Albuquerque community. With a longstanding commitment to the field, Vera’s passion for aiding individuals through their struggles with trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues is a testament to her dedication to helping others live their best lives.

Her academic journey at Liberty University, where she earned a BS in Psychology: Christian Counseling with a minor in Biblical Studies, Summa Cum Laude, and an MA in Professional Counseling, graduating with High Distinction, has equipped her with a profound understanding of mental health’s critical role in overall wellbeing.

A native New Mexican, Vera’s deep roots in the community enhance her connection to the people she serves. Outside her professional life, Vera is a loving mother to six children, two biological and four adopted siblings, reflecting her deep compassion and commitment to family. Having fostered over 40 children, her home is a hub of nurturing and growth.

Vera’s interests include kickboxing with a private trainer, enjoying the gym, and unwinding with hot tea and a good book, revealing her multifaceted personality. An avid traveler, her adventures have taken her across the USA and to international destinations like Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico, Italy, and Africa. Moreover, her dedication to community service is evident in her yearly tradition of delivering homemade goodies to local firefighters and law enforcement officers during the Christmas season, especially honoring our veterans and first responders.

At The Community Lighthouse, Vera embodies our core values of guiding children toward healing and wellness, investing in growth, and building healthy relationships. Her work ensures that both our team and our clients can achieve their potential, crucially supporting our mission of empowering families, children, and professionals to heal trauma for generations to come.

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