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Hannah J. Presley


Hello! I'm Hannah J. Presley, an impassioned Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) dedicated to empowering children through play, connection, and emotional well-being.

My journey with TCL is driven by a fervent desire to equip children with tools for confident life navigation. I believe in a unique approach: using play as a language to foster essential skills that will shape their lives.

Clinical Social Work is my chosen path, resonating deeply as I commit to nurturing emotional well-being across all ages. Sharing the crucial knowledge of mental health is a mission close to my heart. Educated at Florida State University, I delved into the intricacies of human emotions and relationships. Armed with this foundation, I've set out to make a positive impact.

Originally from Panama City, Florida, I've transplanted my enthusiasm to the captivating landscapes of New Mexico, igniting my passion for outdoor adventures. Beyond work, I savor life's simple pleasures, from cooking to arts and crafts, yoga to nature. Taking great pride in being a redhead, I celebrate embracing my unique identity.

Thank you for joining me in fostering emotional growth, resilience, and well-being in children. Together, we're sculpting the foundation for an empowered generation.

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